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 * Dalin Williams - [[attachment:dalin_williams_thesis_Final.pdf|The Development of Project Grade-Up]], November 2015
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 * Dalin Williams - [[attachment:dalin_williams_thesis_Final.pdf|The Development of Project Grade-Up]], November 2015

Master of Science Student Resources

All students should acquaint themselves with the policies and procedures document here.

This /MastersCheckList shows a timeline for completion of the various requirements. For a full list of requirements see the policies document above.

I have created a proposed template for Thesis/Project/Proposal reports using $$\LaTeX$$ It follows the Turabian style guide. This particular one includes chapters appropriate for the project proposal. See Graduate Policies for details of each report type. When you make your presentation (proposal or final presentation), you need to have a signature page ready for your professors to sign. The template for that is here.

Master Students - Thesis/Project

Advisee List

On Committee

Master's Project Ideas

  • Update Moodle Plugin for visualization
  • Create a Datacenter Rack Simulation that creates a 3D rack that you can
    • add hardware to (firewalls - pfSense, managed virtual switches (w/VLANs), virtual machines
    • run visible virtual cables
    • virtual UPS
    • simulated outages
    • failover clusters etc.
  • Mobile Development projects
    • Parts and pieces of the App can be discussed.
    • Automated Attendance App - for entire class period.

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