Lab 02 - NAT and firewall setup


  1. DHCP Reservations - We'll create sudo static IPs using DHCP reservations.
  2. Firewall rules - Metasploitable 3 is something we shouldn't allow access to the internet. Consequently we'll be blocking internet access to that particular VM.
  3. Lastly, we'll provide a NAT rule to access the Windows 10 VM via RDP and enable remote desktop access for the Windows 10 VM.

Completing the Lab:

The best approach completes the three items above in order. From networking class, you should know how DHCP works.

  1. You will need the MAC address of each VM. Go and get them and write them down.
  2. In the service menu, click on DCHP server and make sure the LAN is selected at the top.
  3. At the bottom of the page add "DHCP Static Mappings for this Interface" for each VM. I did them as follows:
    1. Windows 10 -->

    2. Windows 2016 -->

    3. Ubuntu 18.04 -->

    4. Kali -->

    5. Metasploitable 3 -->

The result looks like the:

Next, create a blocking rule for the Metasploitable 3 VM blocking all access to/from the internet. This can be done from the Firewall Menu, item Rules.

Finally, select NAT from the Firewall menu and add a NAT rule that allows you to access your Windows 10 machine using RDP by connecting to the public IP side of your pfSense box.

Show Me:

  1. Remote into your Windows 10 VM.
  2. Show me that you have DHCP reservations for each of your five computers
  3. Show me that the rule to block all outgoing and incoming packets to the metasploitable 3 VM actually works
  4. Show me that you can remote desktop to your other windows machines (Windows 2016, Metasploitable)
  5. Show me that you can access your Kali machine. (GUI would be nice, but SSH will get you a pass for now).