Lab 10 - Testing the setup


The purpose of this lab is to test

  1. your setup
  2. your ability to exploit vulnerabilities
  3. your ability to detect and stop attacks.

You are free to use any resources to complete this lab. However, you may not attack IPs outside of You also must detect an attack (not just a connection). I will be making benign connections to your systems.

Lab Goals

  1. Add an IP to your setup
  2. NAT your new IP to one of your metaspolitable VMs(all ports)
  3. Attack other student systems and detect attacks from other students and shut the attacks down.


  1. You will receive a new IP from Dr. A.
  2. Add your new IP to your firewall WAN interface and NAT it through to one of your metasploitable VMs.
  3. Attack other VMs on the list (DOS attacks are not allowed).
  4. Record successful attacks using screen shots or videos.
  5. Show attacks discovered on your systems and that they have been stopped.
    1. You must show me a log entry that is an attack
    2. You may NOT stop attacks until you have identified them. If you automatically stop attacks, you should have a way to show that too.

You have 30 minutes to setup your new IP and have your systems ready with the new IP. In that first Thirty minutes you must show me that your setup is ready, if you don't complete this in 30 minutes, your lab is done and you have been eliminated.

Show Me

This lab is worth 100 Points.

  1. 20 Point for each unique attack you show me that is successful.
  2. 1 Point for each attack that you can identify via a log entry
  3. 15 Points for each attack that you can both identify via a log entry and show an action (automated or not) that stops the attack.

Make sure to include enough for your 100 points. Any points above and beyond will be added to your Lab score as extra credit up to 200 points total.

If you are having problems with your firewall check out this tutorial