Network Security Labs

First of all, you don't need to be here. All the necessary information on this page is linked from Eclass website. That being said, this will contain all the necessary information to complete the labs as assigned in CPTR 427.


In the labs for this class we focus on defense. We will spend most of our time working on particular tools and how they apply to services. Topics/Tools/Protocols covered include:

Labs Hints

SSL and code signing lab

Hints: To get a code signing template to show up on the web page, you need to add it to the templates. Just go into the CA and right click templates and select new.... DO NOT ADD your site to the trusted sites list in windows. This will cause you problems. If at first you don't succeed, close it all and restart IE.

Windows NTFS/Share Permissions Lab

RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) has replaced (somewhat) the Support Tools. At any rate you can get them here:

xcacls has been replaced by Icacls in Vista and Windows 2008.