Lab 03-04


In this lab you will create some organizational units, groups and users in your AD. In your domain controller (Using the RSAT tools or powershell):

  1. Create an organizational unit in your child domain named OU_Contractors and add the following items to this OU.

    1. Create a global group called g_contractors

    2. Create a user called contractor and put them in g_contractors group.

  2. Create a user mgr in the users folder of your parent domain.
    1. Make mgr the Administrator for the OU_Contractors by using the delegation wizard. Make sure the the user has "Reset user passwords..." and "Modify the membership of a group"

    2. Set the mgr password and document it in the "password" page. Make sure there is no requirement to change the password.
  3. Create a new folder on your cpte230a (parent domain controller) and share it. Make the share name contractors.

    1. Set permissions on the share to allow g_contractors to read and write to it.

    2. Set permissions on the share to give the mgr user full control.
  4. You will demonstrate mgr's ability by changing the password for "contractor".
    1. You can demonstrate this by logging in to your windows 10 machine and starting the active directory users and computers tool.
    2. Find the contractor user and reset the password.


  1. Document the OU structures added and Groups added to each domain on the domains page. Do this in a new section called "Organizational Units" and "Groups"
  2. Document the Share created and its purpose in a new section called "Shared Resources"

Video Grade Guide



Video Shows: Server Manager on Windows 10


Video Shows: WAC running on Windows 10 with access to server


Video Shows: Remote Power Shell session from windows 10 machine to server


Video Shows: OU structures and groups created in the instructions


Video Shows: A remote desktop login to windows 10 using the mgr user.


Video Shows: the mgr user changing the password for the contractor user on the windows 10 machine.


Video Shows: the contractor user accessing the file share and adding a new text file


Video Shows: the mgr user accessing the file share and deleting the new text file


Video talks through the required documentation.


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