Notes on Communism

As a Christian, I've been thinking about Communism and particularly that many Christians have elevated Communism to a level where they idolize this form of government above all others. This page is a way to collect those thoughts.

  1. Communism has its roots in Atheistic philosophy. [Citation needed]
  2. Ownership and its corresponding responsibility is one of the cornerstones of Biblical society (think Adam and Eve's ownership of the earth, ownership of land in Israel, even the respect of ownership given the land and money of Ananias and Saphira before they lied about it to God. Communism negates ownership of property as a core principle in direct contradiction to the way God created us.
  3. Inverted Power structure. Communism tries to mimic the Christian model of servant leadership to lure away the Christian into believing that Communism is a benevolent system. In reality, communist themselves describe communism as "a dictatorship of the proletariat." Coercion is not part of Christianity and never should be! Communism champions violence as a means of control and change, it contradicts at every turn Christian principles.

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