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 * [[/Lab10|Lab 10]] Password cracking
 * [[/Lab11|Lab 11]] Hacking Metasploitable2 (Windows)
 * [[/Lab12|Lab 12]] Hacking !WordPress 2.8

Network Security Labs

This page contains the necessary information to complete the labs as assigned in CPTR 427. (Note to admins: This page underwent major revisions on 1/12/2017 – see the previous page for legacy content).


Each lab has elements that must be shown in a video. The following requirements apply to all labs:

  1. Videos must not be longer than 2 minutes (1 point will be deducted for each 5 seconds over the 2 minute limit).
  2. Videos must include voice over (your voice) talking through the elements required for each lab.
    1. Clearly identify what you part of the requirements you are showing me
    2. Use your mouse to point out specifics
  3. Commandline demos
    1. Pause for at least 2 seconds when you have completed a command on the commandline before you press enter to run it.
    2. Make sure that the whole command is visible at one time.

For recommended tools see ClassesPage.

Lab Topics

  • Lab 01 Networking basics and virtual machine Setup

  • Lab 02 Firewall and NAT setup

  • Lab 03 Firewall continued and remote access to Kali via VNC

  • Lab 03.5 Hardening the OSs.

  • Lab 04 Symmetric encryption

  • Lab 05 VPN setup

  • Lab 06 Wardriving (wireless)

  • Lab 07 IDS/IPS Suricata on pfSense

  • Lab 08 Network and vulnerability scanning

  • Lab 09 Bringing it all together with a dashboard

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