NetworkSecurity / Prerequisites


  1. 7-Layer OSI model
  2. How to setup a network with windows or linux clients
  3. How to use commandline tools such as
    1. nslookup
    2. dig
    3. ifconfig / ipconfig
    4. arp
    5. netstat
    6. This list is incomplete, but this will get you started.

Operating Systems

You should be familiar with

  1. Windows (latest versions of client and at least a quick look at server)
  2. Linux (We have used both Ubuntu and CentOS types).

Mathematics and Datastructures

This class covers cryptography and hence needs some basic understanding of:

  1. MOD function as in $$10 ~mod~ 3 = 1$$ or $$10 \equiv 3 ~(mod~ 2)$$
  2. Boolean logic: AND/OR/NOT
  3. Bit operations (including boolean logic) shifts, complements, and XOR.
  4. Object Oriented programming concepts
  5. Lists, Hash tables and other data structures
  6. Programming in C# or a willingness to learn (You need experience in C#, and you will get some in this class.)

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