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Authentication Systems: Give a taxonomy of authentication systems by evaluating the different types {(username, password), (User Certificates), (Single Sign-on systems)} and uses {(Open ID for use across multiple systems), (Enterprise Systems for silod or closed environments), (Single computer environments), {public vs. private access)}.

The question you are answering: What is the state of the art for authentication systems in the different environments? Must See Systems: Open LDAP, Active Directory, Open ID, Google and Facebook authentication, certificates (server and user) etc.

Firewalls: Evaluate single system vs. small networks vs. large multi-location enterprises. Give a taxonomy across types and sizes. Our book has a good discussion of firewalls and you should start there. Don’t forget to differentiate between software vs. hardware as well.

Routing plays a key role in firewalls. Evaluate routing options as well including bridging firewalls.

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