Expense Report Instructions:

Require Information on Your Expense Report:

Please read the following guidelines of required information on your expense report.

Per Diem Rates Updated for 2023-Present

Auto Travel

$0.50 per mile

*Full Day Per Diem - two meals


Half Day Per Diem - one meal


Fully Entertained


Family Authorized Travel: (for a move to SAU only)

Employee and Spouse


-When fully intertained


Each Independent accompanying child


-When fully Entertained


Lodging in Lieu of Hotel

If an employee stays with friends or relatives rather than staying in a hotel, an amount up to one-half of the single full day per diem (works out to be $28.00/night) may be reported as lodging in lieu of hotel for any actual out of pocket costs related to a token of appreciation or reimbursement for their host (whether monetary or not); this is in addition to the normal per diem for meals based on policy.

Per diem and in lieu of hotel expenses should be reported on separate lines on the expense report. You can find the Lodging Receipt in Lieu of Hotel form in the Human Resources Department or on the website https://www.southern.edu/hr under forms. Please include this form with your expense report.

Amy Steele

Benefits and Compensation Manager

Human Resources

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